Using Word / Excel Import feature, users can model their requirements in MS-Word or MS-Excel. Once done these requirements can be imported into inteGREAT™.

Users are provided with some templates to model relevant requirements. Users can edit these templates as desired. Additionally, users can also append templates of their own, to the repository of existing templates.

MS-Word and MS-Excel are two of the most basic tools used in almost every business domain. Virtually every PC user is familiar with the User Interface and working of these tools. The Word / Excel Import feature helps users to model their project in MS-Word or MS-Excel, and then bring the modeled requirements into inteGREAT™. Hence this new feature enables novice users to tap the powerful features of inteGREAT™ like a pro. It also lowers the learning curve of inteGREAT™ for these novice users.

Another major advantage of this feature is that users can import their existing or legacy requirements into inteGREAT™ with minimum effort. This ability not only minimizes the time required for switching to inteGREAT™ but also shortens the period for ROI.

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